About Me

I'm a single mom living in southern New England and also a full time college student. I have two wonderful children that mean everything to me. I try to run a functional household. I am not the best housekeeper, even though I try to be. Even though I don't appear to be "earthly, crunchy" I am to a degree.

I feed my children mainly organic fruits, veggies, and dairy. I believe in natural living as free from chemicals and pesticides. I hope to become a registered dietitian one day.

I'm also VERY frugal. I have found many, many, many ways to still have fun as a family, take care of my household, and still have money to pay the bills. At first I had to cut corners in order to make it financially, but after I notice just how much money I saved (without really much sacrifice) and how our choices were better for the planet, it actually became fun!

Nothing beats the high I get when I find an item, that is still in great condition, at a yard sale or on the curb for pennies or FREE!

I like to blog about great sales, tips on saving money, yummy recipes, being green, and crafts (both for adults & kids)