Monday, March 16, 2009

Internet Deals: Old Navy Weekly

Have you seen the new Old Navy commercials? Maybe you’ve noticed at the end of the commercial it gives the web address as instead of the regular site, What’s the difference? is a site that potential offers really great deals. Every Thursday the site is updated (usually in the evening or later) and coupons are “hidden” threw out the site. The best coupon offered in for $75 off $100 or more. What a great deal! But it is very hard to get. This coupon is hidden in the video (which is just the latest commercial) and you only have a split second to get it. I tried to get one this past Thursday, and I actually got it! Or so I thought. The site told me CONGRATULATIONS! YOU FOUND THE BEST COUPON OF THE WEEK! CLICK HERE TO RETRIEVE YOUR COUPON! So I clicked, and then SCANDAL someone clicked the coupon at the same time as I did, and I did not get it and had to try again. As you can imagine the site was running very slow because so many people were trying to get this coupon. Only twenty minutes after the new coupons were hidden all 1,000 $75 off $100 coupons were gone! Rats! I’ll just have to try again next week.

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