Saturday, April 11, 2009

100+ Tips to Save: Cleaning

This is a new "series" that I wanted to do. Every 100+ Tips entry that I post will have a different theme. To keep with all the spring cleaning it only made sense that the first part of the series be about cleaning, so here are my tips:
1)Use rags to clean. Use old cut up shirts, burp clothes, etc. to do cleaning instead of paper
2)Make your own cleaning supplies. You can just about make a cleaner for anything with just vinegar, baking soda, borax, and water. Check out my post about making your own cleaning supplies here and all the awesome uses for vinegar here
3) Buy store brands. If you must buy cleaning supplies, buy the store brand. If you read the ingredient label, they contain almost the same things and amounts
4)Replace regular floor mop with a steam mop. I bought the Shark steam mop after Xmas, with a gift card, and paid $80 for it. I'll admit that I don't think it gets my floor any cleaner, but it is SO much more convenient. I don't need to fill or empty any buckets, use cleaners, or wait forever for my floor to dry. Also in one year it will have paid for itself because I don't need to buy cleaner, or replacement mop heads, ect.
5) You don't need swiffers to dust! I'll admit when these first came out I loved them, but after awhile they were taking up to much of my budget. A damp cloth works just as well, also used dryer sheets work at collecting dust.

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The Sensible Momma said...

Great tip on the dryer sheets! I never thought of that!