Thursday, April 16, 2009

Earth Day

Caring for the planet and helping to save the environment is something I care about greatly. That's why Earth Day is an important day to me. I try to teach my children as much as I can about ways they can "be green". One of the best parts about Earth Day, most of the activities you can do with your children are free! Here are some ideas
  • Take a walk around your neighborhood, or your local park, to pick up any trash. This teaches children about respecting our planet.
  • Have your child color on scrap paper, or, if using a fresh piece of paper, have them color on both sides. This will teach your child how to reduce waste.
  • Playroom being over loaded with toys? Go threw them with your child and have them decide which toys they no longer want. Then take the toys to a local shelter, or donation box. This will teach them how to reuse.
  • Set up a few bin to use for recycling. Teach your child how to recycle by sorting all the different materials: paper, cans, plastic, ect.
  • Have your child make a gift by using materials from your recycle bins.
  • Start a small flower garden with your child. Use an old egg carton as a seed starter instead of buying pots.
  • Go to your favorite park and feed the birds.
  • Have your child color a picture of the Earth. Visit this website for a free coloring page.

Have fun learning about our planet. Earth Day is April 22, 2009!

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