Sunday, April 19, 2009

Food deal of the week 4/19

I didn't take a pic this week because I completely forgot. I had a busy day today, but still managed to pick up food from Roche Bros and Shaws. I will give a quick run down of what I got.
Produce: 1 orange, 2 corn on the cob, green beans, bananas, ginger root, 3 apples, blackberries, red grapes
Meat: (I needed to stock up) .89lb ham steak, 2.53lb pork chops, 1.85lb steak tip strips, 2.10lb 95% lean ground beef, 4.87lb chicken breast
Other: Quaker Rice snacks, cottage cheese, 2L Sprite, 100% whole wheat bread, apple cider vinegar, hamburger helper, Kellogg's Special K, 12pk Coke Classic, Cascadian granola bars
My grand total spent: $61.30. My grand total saved: $34.54
Still under budget!

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