Sunday, April 5, 2009

Food Deal of the Week

I went to my 3 usual grocery stores to do my weekly food shopping. I didn't need to get much. My freezer is bursting with meat and I have to use up my fruits and veggies before they go bad. Plus I still can't eat much because of having my wisdom teeth out. Pictured below was my best deal from 2 of the store I went to.

This is my shopping from Shaws and Roche Bros. Grand total for all this was only $11.23. I also went to Stop & Shop to pick up some other things, (and to use the double $1 coupon that came in the flyer) What I also got that isn't pictured is:

  • A loaf of whole wheat bread
  • 2 containers of Pillsbury crescent rolls
  • 4 boxes of Celeste Pizza for one
  • 2 boxes Green Giant frozen veggies
  • 2 bags of Dunkin Donuts Coffee
  • Bag a Flat Earth chips
  • Box of fruit snacks
  • 3 gallons of water
  • and a box a Cascadian Farms chewy granola bars.

I had a dollar off coupon for the crescents rolls, frozen veggies, flat earth chips, and granola bars. Considering I spent more than $15 at Stop & Shop, I used their double coupon and all those $1 off coupons turned into $2 off. Including what I got at the other 2 stores, my grand total for food shopping this week was: $39.06 with a total savings of $29.13

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jskell911 said...

Roche Bros? You have got to be from RI! LOL