Thursday, April 30, 2009

My monthly savings: April

Have you ever wondered if all that coupon clipping and bargain hunting really pays off? Or answering e-mails and taking surveys? I have. All these things take time, and time is precious. I've decided to track my monthly savings to see if all my work is worth my time. This is my savings, earnings, and Internet points I've earned for the month of April:
Mypoints: 385 points
Swagbucks: 20 swagbucks
Sale items: $78.23 dollars saved
Coupons: $40.78 dollars saved
Bag Discounts: .60 cents
Bottle redemption: $25.90
Yard Sale: $152.50
My Total cash amount saved: $119.61
My Total cash made: $178.40
Seems good so far. I'll have to do it for a couple of months to get a better feel for how I'm doing.

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