Tuesday, May 19, 2009

100+ Tips to Save: Entertainment

6) Rent movies, books, magazines, ect. from your local library. Most libraries have all these things and more! And if your library is part of an inter-library borrowing system, your choices could be endless.
7) Rent cheap movies from redbox. Sometimes if a movie is new or really popular, the library may not have it. The best alternative is to check redbox. One night's rental is only $1, and from time to time they give out special codes for a free rental.
8) Cut cable. Between the library and redbox, you'll have plenty to watch on TV, or better yet read a book.
9) Check your community for free activities. Especially with summer coming up, place like churches, libraries, community centers, ect. offer a plethora of free family fun activities. Like free concerts in the park, family movie nights, and more.
10) Don't pay for the kids meal. If you must go out to eat as a family try to find a place where kids eat free. A great site to check out is mykidseatfree.com

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Melainie said...

Great tips. thanks for the info. I know cutting out our satellite saves a lot of money each month. I'm going to try some of these other tips also.