Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kids Hand-me-down Challenge

This is what I got at recent trip to the Children's Orchard. The total came to $7, but I had a gift card so I technically didn't pay anything.

I have a small confession to make: I bought 2 pairs of girls shorts at Target. I know one of my rules was NOT to buy anything new, but I couldn't find shorts at any resale shops under $5. Target was having a sale on shorts for only $3 each. I figured in a case like this it was okay.

Now I have gone threw all my kids clothes and I'm happy to say that I am pretty much done shopping for spring/summer clothing. Right now until my kids have a growth spurt, there is nothing they need. If they do grow I may need a pair or two of PJ's, my son a pair of sandals, and my daughter a bathing suit by the end of the summer, but, again we'll wait and see.

Ready for the grand total? I've added up everything I've spent on clothing and my out of pocket expense to clothe 2 children for two seasons was $49.50! That's it! That's only $24.75 per kid! Or to look at it a different way it's $12.37 per kid, per season! Awesome!


Kelly said...

That's amazing. I know I've spent a lot more, and it would have even been more but the girls get a lot of gifts and the youngest can wear all the hand-me-downs.

Discovery Woman said...

That's unheard of! You are truly amazing! I need to learn how you manage to do this all.