Friday, May 8, 2009

Library Book Sales

I hit two local library book sales today and made out great! All the books I bought look like they are brand new right from the book store. The first book sale I went to was in my home town. I got 18 books for only $6 dollars! That's about .33 cents a book. Here's a pic:
The next book sale I went to was at a library in the neighboring town. The children's books there were cheaper (only .25 cents each) but their selection wasn't as good. I did pick up 8 more books for only $2, pictured below

Library book sales are a great way to buy books for your kids without breaking the bank. A few of these books I'll give my kids now, and a few will be put away for birthday & Christmas presents. If any of your local libraries are having book sales anytime soon, I'd highly recommend you stop by and take a look. Today I got 26 children's books for only $8!

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Kelly said...

I just went garage sale shopping and picked up a bunch of cheap books too. I'll keep an eye out for library sales.