Monday, June 22, 2009

My weekly savings 6/15-6/21

Things are crazy in my home right now. We're all trying to adjust to me working for the first time since I found out I was pregnant with my daughter (3 years ago!) I'm still determined to keep track of my spending & saving. Let's see how I did on week #3

Things I did to save:
~Got a bunch of free things in the mail
~Sent away for even more samples
~Got my $25 Lowes gift card from Mypoints in the mail (and used $18.50 of it)
~Only ran dishwasher when it was full, and let dishes air dry instead of using the heated dry
~Other than back & forth to work, I didn't do much driving.
~Used the library to check out a few books

What I spent:
~$78.13 at Target & Walmart. Needed some necessities for the home (like diapers, shampoo, ect.) and also, with summer vacation here, I'm putting together all kinds of activities for my kids to do.
~$18 strawberry picking. My MIL did give me $20 for this. Anything to spoil the kids, but I'm not complaining :)
~$37 on gas. Having to drive 30 miles one way for training has been brutal on my gas tank. Fortunately I only have this drive two more days.
~$12.97 at craft stores & the dollar store. Again, to buy things for activities.
~$29.69 at Kohl's. Now I did have to return something I purchased last week and ended up getting $21.99 back. So it's almost like just spending $7.70.
~26.81 on food shopping. $38.19 under budget!
~$$GETTING BETTER$$ this week we spent $42 on coffee, take out, ect. This amount is still incredibly to high, but we have been working on it.

Total spent: $205 (not including the $$ my MIL gave, and with the adjusted amount at Kohl's)

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