Sunday, June 14, 2009

My weekly savings 6/8-6/14

This is week #2, lets see how I did.

Things I did to save:
~Received my free book from
~Received 1 credit from
~Sent away for some freebies
~Only ran dishwasher when full
~Used lights sparingly
~Got a part-time job
~Ordered a FREE photo book from Shutterfly.
~Rented a free movie from redbox

What I spent:
~$205 for a 10 wk. gymnastic class for my daughter. (We have been saving for this for a couple of months)
~$57.50 on gas for the car (not too bad considering we didn't need to get gas last week)
~$5 prescriptions
~$99 at Kohl's. For my part-time job I needed to buy clothes (pants, shirt, belt) also bought a new pair of sandals. I did buy a lot on sale and ended up saving $38.98
~$42.39 at Target. Needed another shirt for work, diapers, and a few MISC things
~$39.55 on food shopping. $25.45 under budget!
~$$STILL TOO MUCH$$ We got pizza, ice cream, and coffee (although less coffee than last week)Okay, the grand total was $57! I know, I know, that is WAY too much. My goal is to reduce that total every week by half till it's almost nothing.

Total Spent: $506

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