Sunday, August 23, 2009

More uses for vinegar!

Is there a natural product that can do more or cost less than vinegar? I think not!
Having ant problems? Spray undiluted white distilled vinegar where ever you're having a problem with the little buggers.
Remove stickers from glass. Get off all the sticky glue left by price stickers by pouring a tiny amount of white distilled vinegar over the spot and let sit for a few hours, then just wipe clean.
Deodorize your toilet. Pour 3 cups white distilled vinegar into your toilet bowl. Let sit for 1-2 hours, then flush.
Clean wood paneling, by mixing 1/4 cup olive oil, 1/2 cup white distilled vinegar, and warm water. Wipe with a soft cloth.
Easily remove wallpaper by mixing equal parts of white distilled vinegar and hot water into a spray bottle. Spray wall until saturated.
Kill weeds by pouring full-strength white distilled vinegar on them.
Make your cut flowers last longer by adding 2 tablespoons white distilled vinegar and 1 teaspoon sugar to a quart of water in the vase!

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