Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Deals on Nicoderm CQ

One of my goals this year is to quit smoking for good! I have been looking for ways to help me quit, and that has lead me to a couple of deals for Nicoderm CQ. I would like to talk to my doctor about quiting, but, like most doctors, there isn't an appointment available for quite some time. For now I will try what I can on my own to see if any of it works.
Here are two deals that I have found:
1. Visit THIS SITE for a free sample of Nicoderm CQ plus $7 worth of coupons.

2. This week Walgreens has Nicoderm CQ, Nicorette, and Commit for $39.99 with a $10 register reward. Pair that with a $15 off coupon found in this weeks coupon inserts and its like only paying $14.99.

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