Sunday, January 24, 2010

Week in reveiw 1/15-1/21

Needed Expenses (bills) : $292.29
Car Expenses: $45, saved $1.20 w/ gas rewards
Food: OOP $130.57, savings of $31.61
Child Expenses: OOP $65.78, savings of $197.66. I hit the Target 75% off toy clearance and got some clothes at 75% off as well.
Target (household needs): OOP $5.41, savings of $17.91, coupon savings of $3
Cigarettes, Coffee, Take-out: $59.21
MISC: OOP $22.44, savings of $7.51. Needed to buy a cell phone charger and a few other odd little things

Total OOP spent: $620.70
Total sale savings: $255.89
Total gift card savings: $0
Total coupon savings: $3

I'm happy to see the cigarette, coffee, and take-out total has gone down again this week. I'm also happy with all the clearance sale I hit to save so mush this week.

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