Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Week in reveiw 1/8-1/14, a little late

Everyone in my home is just getting over the flu/stomach bug, so that's why I haven't had a post in a few day. We're all doing better now, that goodness. Keeping up with my 2010 goals, here is my weekly spending for January 8th threw the 14th.
Needed Expenses(Bills): $224.52
Car expenses: $71
Food: $0
Child Expenses: OOP $40.49, savings of $74.96. This was mostly on toys I bought on clearance.
Target (household needs): OOP $11.74, savings of $35.27
Cigarettes, Coffee, Take out: OOP $80.34, paid with a gift card $7.76, total $88.10
MISC: OOP $4.98, savings of $5.01

Total OOP spent: $433.07
Total sale savings: $115.24
Total Gift Card savings: $7.76
Total Coupon savings: $0

I have used all my gift cards now, so I'll REALLY need to cut back on the Starbucks runs. I'm happier with this weeks total than last weeks, but I still would like to get the cigarettes, coffee, and take out down. My goal is to get that to around $35 by March. The problem is my husband, he's the big coffee/take out spender in this house. We'll have to talk about that one!

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