Monday, February 8, 2010

Week in reveiw 1/29-2/4

Had a crazy weekend and have been playing catch up all day. Here is last weeks totals:

Needed Expenses: $0
Car Expenses: $42
Food: OOP $112.55, savings of $53.89
Child expenses: $0
Target (household needs): $0
Cigarettes, Coffee, Take-out: $94.06
MISC: $53

Total OOP spent: $301.61
Total sale savings: $47.40
Total gift card savings: $0
Total coupon savings: $6.49

Glad to see a bunch of zeros. It helps when I don't go to the store when I'm bored, that and it seems all the clearance sales are over for a while. Still working on hubby to cut back, ugh!

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