Thursday, March 4, 2010

NutriPals deal at Target

My kids love this stuff, and I love giving it to them! The picture above only shows four of the six packs a bought (like I said, my kids LOVE this stuff)

Target normally sells the 4pk of NutriPals for $4.99, but right now they're on tempory price cut (TPC) until 3/20 for only $4.49. A few weeks ago the sunday coupon inserts had a coupon for $3/1. I had six of these coupons. The coupon stated that only one coupon could be used per transaction, but that was not a big deal to me, as I'm at Target multiple times a week, and each time I used my reusable shopping bag and got an additional 5 cents off.

So with the TPC, the $3/1 coupon, and reusable bag discount, I only paid $1.44 each! Multiply that by 6 and my total OOP was only $8.64! With all the discounts I used I saved myself $21.30

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