Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Story of Stuff

I love this video. I think its a real eye opener! Ever since I've had children I've wanted a simpler life. A life that wasn't filled with all kinds of meaningless belongings and a nagging feeling that we should be "keeping up with the Jones".

I think about all the stories my mother (who was born in the 1950s) and my grandmother (born in the 1920s) would tell me about living in a house, that is small by today's standards, and still managing to keep it running smoothly and well organized, while being filled with 9 people!!!! Why could they do this? Because they didn't have a ton of useless stuff hanging around like we do today!

Think about all the kitchen gadgets we have: stand alone mixers, toaster ovens, coffee makers, food processors, magic bullets, sandwich pressers, microwaves, the list just goes on and on. My grandmother used to make dinner every night for herself, her husband, and their 7 children without the help of any of these new devices. It makes me wonder why I find it so tricky to feed myself, my husband and our TWO children, and I have most of these gadgets!

You MUST watch this video : THE STORY OF STUFF

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