Friday, April 2, 2010

How I get free magazines

I currently get 4 monthly magazine subscriptions for free. I recently had 3 other magazines subscriptions for free that have expired. How did I do this? Many different ways.

One of the 3 magazines that I've recently stopped getting was Kraft Food & Family. I got this magazine for years! Back in 2003 (I think) when this magazine was brand new, you could go to the Kraft website and sign up for a free subscription. But recently I got a notice that if I wanted to keep receiving this mag, I'd have to pay. Bummer!

The second mag was Kiwi. About a year ago you were able to get a free year subscription to Kiwi with the purchase of any Annie's product.

The third was Parents. My daughter received a CD for Christmas 2008, inside was a form to fill out for a free years subscription to Parents Magazine as a thank you for buying the CD.

Two of the magazines that I currently get (Shape & Weight Watchers) I found out about getting free from other blogs. Blogs are such a great resource for finding awesome deals. Like a free years subscription to two magazines!

Number 3 is to Family Fun (this has to be my fave) Back in Nov. I redeemed my Mypoints for a gift card to Target. When it came in the mail a complimentary $10 gift card to was with my Target gift card. A year subscription for Family Fun was only $9.95!

The fourth is Body & Soul. Stonyfield rewards has a year subscription to this mag for only 60 points. I saved up and get this one for free too!


Dinners and Dreams said...

My daughter would go nuts for cupcakes with all these colors.


Devon! said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! i too like free subscriptions - many from coke rewards (numbers on coke products) - but i am trying to quit soda, and they take your points if you don't use them by a certain day!