Friday, April 30, 2010

How to stockpile coupons

I LOVE coupons! I have a ton of them at all times and save at least $20 a week on my grocery bill just by using them. Although, I'm not a big fan of Sunday insert coupons. So how do I get a variety of coupons stockpiled?

One of the best ways to get non insert coupons is to join a coupon train. There are a bunch of different trains on Once a member joins (don't worry, its free) they crate a wish list (WL) A WL should be as long a possible and consist of coupons you really want. The way a train works is you'll be assigned a person to mail coupons to, most of the trains are WL trains, meaning you'll have to send about 15-20 coupons from the persons WL. Someone will also have to send you and envelope full of at least 15-20 coupons from your WL.

Another way is to join every product website that you use. Kraft, Poptarts, General Mills, and Special K (just to name a few) all have websites that you can join. Companies whos sites you've joined tend to frequently send coupons in the mail to test new products, sometimes even for free!

Can't forget websites like , SmartSource , and Redplum where you can always print a ton of coupons for free!

Also, go to the customer service desk of your favorite store and ask them if they have any coupons booklets. For some reason stores don't like to share their coupons. If they tell you they don't have any booklets on them, ask if theres a program you can sign up for to get a booklet mailed to you. Lots of stores mail coupon booklets once a month or once a season.

Be on the look out in the store too. Many stores have "blinkies" Those little (usually red) boxes on the isles with the blinking light, that gives you coupons. Also "peelies" those would be any coupon that is attached to a product that you peel off to use.

Now I still do get Sunday insert coupons, I just never pay. How? One way, my MIL gets the Sunday paper, but doesn't do coupons, so she saves the inserts for me. And at my local library people that no longer want their inserts bring them to the library and put them in a basket so other people can clip what coupons they can use. This is my best way to get multiples of a really good Sunday insert coupon (like for Jell-o pudding snacks) without having to buy multiple papers. If your local library doesn't already do this, then talk to your librarian. They my be very open to the idea.

Have all your couponing friends over and host a coupon swap. You can make up whatever rules work for you.

If all else fails, just google it. You might be very surprised at what you'll find!

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