Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer is HERE!!!!!

Today is the first day of summer, YEAH! I've been thinking of as many things my family can do this summer that are free or cheap, also as much indoor stuff as possible. I love summer, but the New England humidity is terrible and makes it tough to be outdoors sometimes. So far this is what I got:
  1. Free Family Film Festival
  2. Playgrounds. We have a ton in our area and we're going to try and visit a different one every week.
  3. Kids Bowl Free
  4. Concerts in the Park. Hosted by my local library (check your towns Parks & Recs Department to see in there is anything planned in your area)
  5. The beach
  6. Library! Just to play, read books, even has weekly story time! I LOVE the library!
  7. McDonald's play-space, its free!
  8. Mall play-spaces, also free
  9. Nature walks at local parks
  10. Factory tours
  11. Bookstore story time (Barnes & Nobles and Boarders usually have a weekly story time)
  12. Micheal's craft time
  13. Lowes "Build and Grow"
  14. Home Depot kids workshop
  15. Bass Pro Shop Family Summer Camp

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