Monday, July 5, 2010

My 2010 Goal review

It's the half way mark threw the year and I thought it would be a good idea to check in and see how I'm doing:

~Post at least 10 blog posts a month I have been able to do this every month
~Read at least 25 adult books Read 11 so far, 14 more to go
~Quite smoking It's been almost six months since I had a cigarette!
~Make appointments with my doctors to get my health back on track I've seen most of my Dr.'s just need to make a few more run of the mill appts.
~Start using my massive collection of cook books I've made a few recipes. Would like to use them more than I am.
~Do more activities with my kids We've definitely be doing more things together!
~Set better house rules and enforce them Haven't "set" any rules. I would like to figure some sort of chart/reward system. We have rules, but have never clearly defined them nor do my children follow threw with verbal rules. Like "use indoor voice" or "toys are not allowed in the living room"
~Be healthier together I think we still eat to much junk. Not really take out, but how many times can you eat mac & cheese w/o any veggies and be eating healthy?
~Set daily chores for each family member Being doing better, needs tweeking
~Have a night out with my hubby at least every other month Have been doing this one!
~Get my son's issues under control (he has a few special needs and needs a few services that I have to find and enroll him in) Still need to make a few calls. About half way there with this one.
~Save at least $5,000 This one is tricky. With what I've saved and our 2009 tax return, I've been able to put a little over $5,000 in our savings. But, hubby's job is only a temp job and our car needs some work. I'm pretty sure we'll have to use some of that money by the end of the year.
~Track all my spending and savings This one took a lot of time. I feel like I'm aware of the areas that I need to cut back on, so I've decided that this goal is no longer necessary.
~Save at least $1,500 with coupons I decided that to save $1500 meant I might need to spend more money, so I've lowered this goal to $1,000. With this goal adjusted, I've saved $538.33, only $461.67 to go
~Have a yard sale X not yet
~Learn how to sell on ebay X not yet
~Organize my craft room X there were times I worked on it, but then it just got messed up again.
~Put the flooring down in the playroom X
~Paint the coat closet X
~Do major purging to get rid of things we haven't used in years. I have been adding to the yard sale pile, I loaded up a trunk full of stuff to donate to my moms group yard sale, I've filled a few target sized bags with unwanted clothes and dropped them in one of those charity bins.There is still more I want to purge, but I think I'm doing good so far.

So far I'm happy with how my goals are coming along.


CraftyGiveaways said...

those are some great goals!

Kris said...

Just found your blog via this friendly friday thing...I am so new at this..
anywho...your blog is great, I love your honesty and style.
Kris :-)

jim said...
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