Monday, September 6, 2010

Taking a blogging break.

My son starts full day kindergarten at the end of this week, then the following week my daughter starts pre-school. This week is filled with orientations, last minute shopping, hair cuts, and even more that I can't think of off the top of my head! 

I'm having a harder time dealing with this than I thought. My son, who is special needs, has never in his life spent an entire day away from me, nor has my daughter ever been to pre-school/daycare. I thought I would be a little calmer than I am. Nope! I'M having major separation anxiety over this, plus I look at it like my babies are growning up. 

I'm thinking back over the last five years with guilt, "I should have spent more time with them now its too late" even though I know this is a crock! I have at least 13 more years! I just realize that the baby years are truely over and part of me is mourning that. I'll be taking at least the next week off from this blog to see my children off to school.


Jackie said...

Good luck with your first days of school! Our oldest starts pre-school this week & I'm totally unprepared!

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