Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I planned on doing many crafts/activities for Halloween, and I was going to share all the great links I have found for projects and my own experience trying them out. But I've been dealing with a sinus infection for the past month! Yuck! The second round of antibiotics seems to be working and the steroidal nasal spray I use is also helpful. Sadly I've been in no mood to do crafts. Most things I did with my kids were store bought kits. Not very creative. Anyway, I still wanted to share some of the neat things I found in the blog-o-sphere. 
Super Easy Pumpkins from

Bottle Cap Coasters from
Glitter Pumpkins from
The Changing Jack O Lantern from 
Witches' Hats from
(ok, not a blog, but these look really cute and I've seen them on peoples blog)

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Crayon Couture said...

♥ the title of your blog! Definetly hit's home with me as well! I am your newest follower!