Sunday, October 31, 2010

Old Wives Tales about Winter....and Happy Halloween!

Today is Halloween, which means more candy than one child could possibly eat, oh and November starts tomorrow! In the north, its already been pretty chilly, some places have already gotten snow! (Thankfully not us....yet!) I was looking up Old Wives Tales that "predict" what the upcoming winter months will be like, this is what I found:

1) If squirrels have tails that are bushier than usually, it will be a long, cold winter.
2) If oak trees produce an usually high amount of acorns, it will be a long, cold winter.
3) If the brownish orange stripe on a woolly bear caterpillar is thin, and the black stripes are thick, then it will be a long, cold winter. But if the brownish orange stripe is think and the black is thin, the the upcoming winter will be mild!

I haven't seen any woolly bears, but there are acorns EVERYWHERE and the squirrels around here have become very plump with bushy tails! It will be interesting to see if these Old Wives have gotten it right ;)

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Amanda said...

I have heard those before. We have no catapillers, squirrels, or trees on our island, so I can't predict. We did have our first snow earlier this year, but who knows. I would like lots of snow this year LOL.