Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Save Green, Go Green Wrapping Paper

We have two Christmas trees in my home (both fake!) The main tree is in the living room, decorated with all our keepsake ornaments. The second tree is upstairs and is decorated by the kids, with brightly colored plastic balls, snowflakes, and other little things. The second tree is the Kid tree, which they get to "play" with.They're always rearranging the ornaments, and that's OK. As long as they don't touch the tree in the living room!

Since Santa leaves all the presents under the living room tree, the Kid tree always looks a little sad. Last year we started to new tradition were Santa's elves leave 25 books, all about Christmas, under the Kid tree. (Every book was purchased at a book sale, not one costing more than .50 cents) Each night, leading up to Christmas, we open a book to read. My kids love it!

The only problems was it was getting costly to wrap 25 books. So I came up with an alternative to wrapping paper: paper grocery bags!
Even turned it into a craft project with the kids by painting and coloring the bags. Not only does wrapping the books in re-purposed grocery bags save me money, its also better for the planet.

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