Friday, July 22, 2011

Back to school shopping

          Where I live school doesn't start until after Labor Day, but I know a lot of other states start as early as the middle of August, YIKES! Seriously, where did the summer go?
          This September I'll be a full time college student (taking all of four classes) My other half has also decided that he would like to go back to school and will be in college as well. My son is going into the 1st grade and his school supply list has over 60 items on it!
          As you can imagine, I'll need to save as much money as possible on supplies. Every week, starting this Sunday, threw September I'll be posting all the great back to school deals I can find. My goal for most items is to keep the cost under $1 an item.
          Check back for great deals!


Annie Jones said...

Our district starts back on August 17, and I finished up shopping for my granddaughter today. I didn't buy any cool weather clothes yet, just a few garments to finish off the summer and beginning of fall. Some were new from stores, others were new or used from garage sales and thrift stores.

I already have supplies, too. We are fortunate that our school district always has a very minimal supply list for grades K-4, and they send it home on the last day of school: (2) 24-count crayons, (2) 24 count pencils, (2) glue sticks, (2) small white glue bottles, (2) pink erasers, (2) boxes tissue, (1) school box and (1) backpack. Except for the backpack and school box, all supplies are pooled and used in the classroom throughout the year.

We also don't have any enrollment or registration fees. So all in all, I probably spent about $50 or $60 getting ready for school.

The Coupon Posse' said...

60 items, holy moly! My son is also starting 1st grade and his list has less then a dozen items. I thought that was aot!


Tutti said...
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