Sunday, January 22, 2012

2012 in 2012: week 3

I start school tomorrow and I'm really nervous. Surprisingly, I'm not nervous about school itself, I'm nervous about my home life, keeping the home clean, keeping up with the kids activities, all while writing papers and learning a foreign language! I expect my purging won't be happening too often, at least until May when the semester is over. This week I did okay. I had 22 items come into my home, needed a few things from Target and my daughter got a large bag of hand-me-down clothes. I got rid of many things:
  • 21 Sesame St activity books
  • 18 Magazines
  • 11 adult clothing items
  • can of air freshener
  • 8 computer programs (for windows 95!)
  • 5 giant stuffed animals (you know, the ones the size of a preschooler!)
  • bottle of expired medicine
  • pair of kids pants
  • pair of kids shoes
  • 5 kid craft foam shapes
  • 4 tubes of glitter glue
  • 2 large cardboard box projects (stuff the kiddos made)
  • 4 child proofing items
  • color matching game
  • booklet of tracing letter
  • bag of Model Magic
  • Ink stamper
  • Crayola water color paint set
Total item = 87
Added items = 22
Adjusted total = 65

1928 - 65 = 1863 items to go!

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