Thursday, January 12, 2012

Target Toy Clearance 70% off!

Went to Target today to hit the toy clearance; this is a pic of everything I got. The black thing in the middle is a children's jacket for my daughter that she'll wear next year, also 70% off! This is a list of everything I got:

~Girls winter jacket
was: $44.99
paid: $13.48

~My Little Pony toy
was: $21.99
paid: $6.58

~Mermaid Barbie
was: $20.99
paid: $6.26

Target Holiday Barbie
was: $15.99
paid: $4.78

~Cootie game
was: $11.59
paid: $3.47

~Princess keyboard
was: $16.99
paid: $5.08

~Circo dress up shoes
was: $5.69
paid: $1.70

~Tiana doll outfit
was: $7.99
paid: $0.56!

Total Paid = $41.93
Saved = $146.22!!!

If I just add up the toy totals, than I only paid $28.45 for the toys and saved $101.23!!! Love, love, love the Target toy clearance!

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