Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Holiday Prep

Christmas is in 42 days!
My favorite holiday :) As much as I love this holiday, it can also be a stressful time. All the shopping, planning, cleaning, ect. ect. ect. I also try to cram as much "fun" as  Ican between December 1 and the 24th. These are a few ideas I had to make that time go as smooth as possible.
Deep Clean
Try to clean and organize as much as possible now! Catch up on laundry like blankets and curtains, any half done projects (I started painting the trim in my living room in August and its still not done), purge toys, and clean the fridge. That way in December you'll only have to maintain everything.
Schedule Everything Now
Haircuts, family pictures, dinner reservation. Save yourself from the last minute rush. You can even get the family pictures taken now.  
Plan Your Menu, Do Your Shopping
My family does many food based Christmas things. Cookie swaps, Christmas Eve party, Christmas dinner, ect. Figure out what you'll need, go threw your pantry to see what you have, then make your grocery list. It might be helpful to have a different list for each week so you know when to buy any perishables. Lots of staples are on sale now, so its a good time to stock up.
Gather Your Craft Supplies
Many times I've sat down to do a craft of my own or with my children only to discover I was missing something. If you have crafts in mind to do in December, write them down and check to see if you have everything you'll need. Plan a trip to the craft store this weekend to grab anything you don't have.
Reevaluate What's Important
Do you need to go to every holiday party? Or is it really important to send Holiday cards? Think about what you really enjoyed during the past few years and what you really couldn't stand doing. The Holidays are suppose to be an enjoyable time spent with family, not a time to please everyone you know! 

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