Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!

Other than Christmas, this is my favorite time of the year! Everyone is talking about ways to save the planet, the weather is getting warmer, what's not to love? If you haven't started doing more green things, now is the perfect time to start! It's a lot easier than you think.

These only take a few minutes (or less) and cost nothing (most will save you $$)!
~Turn lights off when you leave a room.
~In the winter turn down the heat by two degrees.
~In the summer turn the AC up by two degrees.
~Drive the speed limit.
~Wash clothes in cold water.
~Use reusable bags

These take a little more time and cost a little more:
~Use your library! My library allows me not only to check out books, but magazines, movies, even video games.
~Buy local. Meat, veggies, clothes, ect.
~Buy second hand. Especially baby items, babies outgrow items so quickly that many times you can find items at a fraction of retail cost that have only been used a few times. Check out consignment mommies for seasonal consignment sales near you.
~Compost. Check out this post for a cheap idea on how to get started.

If you've got the time and money:
~Buy a fuel efficient car.
~When replacing appliances, buy the most energy efficient.
~Take public transportation or car pool.
~Buy organic. Clothes can be organic too!

There are SOOO much more, but I found these are a good starting point. Enjoy Earth Day!

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