Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Fun 2013

My children still have a week of school left until summer break (got to love those New England winters!) I have friends in other parts of the country who's children got out of school in May. I can't wait any longer to make our annual summer fun list, I can't wait until summer break! This is the first year both my kids were in school all day and I've missed them terribly. Also like last year, most of "my" ideas have come from Pinterest.

I found this schedule from A Grande Life and really liked it, so I based a lot of our activities on this.

Make Something Monday
1. Shaving Cream Painting
2. Pipe Cleaner Ninjas
3. Sun Melted Crayon Candle
4. Baked Bead Sun Catchers
5. Styrofoam Printmaking
6. Toilet Paper Tube Snake
Get Outside Tuesday
A few Bubble Fun Days with some of these ideas:
7. Make tiny bubbles
8. Bubble Snake Maker
9. Blow bubbles with water bottles
10. Make and paint with sidewalk chalk paint
(this is my photo taken last summer, I bought a cheese grater at the dollar store and shaved down some chalk and added a small amount of water, worked great!)
11. Sponge Bomb Bucket Toss
12. Bubble Printing
What's Cooking Wednesday
13. Root Beer Float on a Stick
14. Homemade Rock Candy
15. Campfire Cones
(No Pic for this one)
16. Make homemade ice cream, bake cookies, then use the two to make ice cream sandwiches!
Amazon link:
Amazon link:
17. & 18. My daughter has the two above cookbooks and loves them. I have to admit, I think they're really cute (and easy) Not sure what we'll do yet but I'm sure we'll make a few recipes from each. If you have a girly girl who loves to be in the kitchen I highly recommend these books. (links are NOT affiliated, I just like the books!)
Thinking Thursday
19. Marshmallow Sculptures
20. Fizzy explosion bags
21. Homemade Lava Lamps
22. Microwave soap
23. Join our library's summer reading program
24. Write stories
Go Somewhere Fun Friday
25. Local Zoo
26. Local Farm to Pick Flowers
27. Day trip out of state (maybe an overnight trip)
28. Visit local battleship
29. Letterboxing ( Letterboxing North America has resources to find local boxes)
30. Local farm/petting zoo
31. Beach!
32. Blueberry picking
33. Go to the movies (so many good ones: Monsters University, Epic, Despicable Me 2, Turbo, Smurfs 2!, Might have to see a few of these)
Miscellaneous Fun
34. Sundae Monday
35. Bird Watching
36. Movie Night
37. Board Game Day
38. Make scrapbooks with all our extra photos
39. Have a picnic (or as my children say "Pick-A-Nic")
40. Build a fort with blankets

Little Wonders' Days
Essentially Eclecitc

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