Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer Fun #1: Shaving Cream Painting

This was fun and easy. All you need is a cookie sheet, thick paper (like cardstock), poster or tempered paint, shaving cream (got mine at the dollar store) and a toothpick.

Step 1:
Put shaving cream on the cookie sheet and have kids spread it around
Step 2:
Once the shaving cream is "smooth" add a few drops of paint
Step 3:
Have kids swirl the paint using the toothpick
Step 4:
Place paper on the swirled paint/shaving cream. Press down gently then lift. Place to the side to dry for a few minutes

Step 5:
Once the paint has dried, use the back of a knife or a squeegee to lightly wipe the shaving cream off the paper. Tada! Now admire your work

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