Friday, October 10, 2008

11 Tips to save money on your grocery bill

Some more tips on how to save some money, this time the tips are about food.

~Coupons, coupons, coupons! But if you get coupons from the Sunday paper, save the entire coupon flyer. You never know when something will go on sale that you have a coupon for.

~Buy food less frequently

~Grow as much as you can

~Buy store brand foods. This is done by trial & error. Some store brand foods are really gross compared to the name brand.

~Use on-line sales flyers for your food store. If there in something on sale that you want, click on it, when your done looking at the flyer you can print out your list.

~If buying vegetables for cooking, buy frozen.

~Places like Target & Wal-Mart sell most food for a lot cheaper. Same with pharmacies & gas station convent stores.

~Brew your own coffee & don't do take-out.

~Instead of buying bagged baby carrots, buy the whole carrots and make your own carrot sticks. A 1lb bag of whole carrots is only about $1 a bag.

~Actually eat your leftovers

~Buy in season

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