Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Inexpensive Candle Gift

I love this idea. It is a great gift to anyone on your list.
What you need:
White pillar candle
A picture of your choice printed on regular paper
A blow dryer
Wax paper

1. Cut picture to size and place on your white candle

2. Cover candle with wax paper, smooth, and hold tight. I actually taped the wax paper to the back to the candle to help keet it in place.

3. Turn your blow dyer to the hottest setting and hold it over the wax paper positioned over the picture. Within a few minutes the wax paper will start to get a bit shiny.

4. Once all the wax paper covering your picture is shiny, stop using the blow dryer.

5. Wait about a minute to let the candle cool. Then slowly peel away the wax paper and tada! A picture candle!

Here are the candles I did.
I would suggest that if you have a spare glove it should be wore on the hand that will be holding the candle. The first candle I did took forever because my hand kept getting to hot. The next couple candles I did I wore a glove that lost its mate last winter. I was able to do this a lot quicker and without burning my hand.

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