Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tips for Kids hand-me-down challenge

Buying every article of clothing second hand for an entire year may sound a bit tricky. I was wondering of all the different places where I will be getting all these clothes and this is what I came up with.
~Hand me downs. If you know a few people that have kids older than yours ask them if they wouldn’t mind giving you their kids out grown clothes.
~ebay. Stay away from the top auctions that have “70+ name brand items”. They tend not to be to much of a bargain. Best bet is to find auctions that will be ending soon that are being sold by a single person instead of an ebay store. There are usually people trying to sell their kids old clothes.
~Freecycle. Best thing about this website is people are giving the clothes away for free.
~Resale shops. This includes stores like The Salvation Army. There are a ton of kids resale shops in my area that I will be visiting.
~Yard sales. Items usually go for around $1 an item. If not, you can always try to talk the seller down.

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