Saturday, February 28, 2009

Real ways to save money

Act like you aren’t saving money at all. Ok, let me explain. Lets say when you go to the grocery store between sales and coupons, you save $20. Instead of thinking “awesome, I saved twenty dollars” take that savings and stick it in an envelope. If you think about it, you really didn’t save that money, you just spent $20 less than you thought you would. It doesn’t mean you just added it to your savings account.

You’re more likely to spend that twenty on something else, like a coffee from your favorite shop, or maybe a new dvd or toy for your child. From now on take whatever the savings from your shopping trip is and round up to the nearest dollar, then stick it in an envelope. The next time you have to go to the bank, take that envelope with you (even if it’s only a couple of dollars) and deposit into your saving account. Do this with all your shopping. Even big ticket items. Act like you paid full price even if it was on sale and put the difference into your savings.

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