Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Potato Stamps

That is a picture of my funky looking potato. To say the bag of potatoes I forgot about had eyes is an understatement! I had no plans of using these to eat, so I decided to turn them into stamps. You can do this by cutting the potato in half, then trace a shape you want. After that I used a spoon to scrape the potato away from the shape I wanted, and came out with these
It's a heart, tulip, and a blob (I was going for a cloud)
I used the bottom of a plastic water gallon as a paint tray. It has an indent down the middle which is great for having 2 different colors of paint. I used washable tempered paint.
Before you have your child use the stamp, dry the potato off as much as your can with a cloth, then have them stamp away!

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searcher said...

What a cute idea! I threw mine on the compost heap and the potatoes started growing right in the compost pile! I dug up potatoes whenever I needed them!