Thursday, April 23, 2009

Having a Yard Sale

Lots of articles I've read about having a yard sale say that it takes months of prep work. MONTHS?!? What do you have to do that will take MONTHS? I spend 2 days preparing, the day before and the day of. This is how I do it:

Day 1:
  1. Get all my tables. I only have a couple, but my family lets me borrow their tables, I just have to go to their home to get it.
  2. Advertise online. Put post on craigslist, and any local message boards.
  3. Hang up signs around town
  4. Bring everything up from the basement (I keep all my yard sale items in a closet in my basement. When I want to save an item for a yard sale, it goes right into the closet. That way everything is always together, when the closet starts to overflow, it's time to have a yard sale.)
  5. Get my money ready. Make sure I have plenty of change and small bills.
Day 2:
  1. Wake up bright and early and start to set things up outside
  2. Price some things as I go along. If I want a certain price for something, I'll put a price tag on it so the potential buyer has an idea of the price I want, but I still let people know all prices are just a starting point. Non-priced items are things I really want to get rid of and would take any price for.
  3. Sit back and wait for people to show.

I'm planning on having my yard sale this Saturday (the closet is overflowing!) My biggest goal when having a sale is to get rid of as much stuff as I can. My second biggest goal is to make a little extra cash. My cash goal for Saturday is $100!

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Lauren said...

I really need to have a yard sale too!! Thanks for the tips.