Monday, June 29, 2009

My weekly savings 6/22-6/28

This week has been tough. My husband lost his job on Tuesday, and isn’t eligible for unemployment assistance. As of right now we have practically no income coming in. (I only make around $100 a week) I’m not panicking yet, worrying, yes, but not panicking. He already has a couple of interviews set up for this week, so my fingers, toes, legs, & arms are all crossed.

Things I did to save

~Barely drove the car anywhere, only went out if we needed to
~Ran the dishwasher only when it was full, and let the dishes air dry
~Rented a free movie
~Sent away for more freebies
~Got a free coffee
~Got 3 little kids chairs and a see-saw for free (more about that in my last post)
~Cashed in all our bottles/soda cans and got $10.60

What I Spent
~$35 on gas
~.47 cents on a children's top on clearance at Old Navy (it was originally $8.50- so I saved $8.03!)
~$12.42 coffee/take out
~$18 on alcohol (it was a hard week and we needed a little wine ;) )
~$31 on food shopping
~$28 at Target

Total: $106.89


cheapbychoice said...

My husband lost his job last fall. It is very difficult. I blogged about it back in May. He is now working and we are fine and you will be too. Don't give up!!! I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

Abigail's_Mommy said...

I will pray for you. My DH lost his job mid May also. Hopefully he gets something soon.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are all doing well and DH has found a job now. So sorry.