Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekly savings 6/1-6/7

In my attempt to see where all my money is going and how I'm saving, I have started to keep track of EVERYTHING! This is what I've done to save and what I've spent money on.
Things I did to save:
~Rented a free movie from Redbox
~Received 3 credits from
~Ordered a book from paperback swap
~Cashed in Mypoints for a $25 gift card for Lowes
~Sent away for some freebies
~Used a $5 gift card to Target
~Used coupons when I did food shopping
~Only ran my dishwasher and washing machine when full

What I spent:
~$49 on going out to eat & ice cream. To be fair, my in-laws paid for us to eat out one night, and the other night was for my book club that only meets once a month(and is really my ONLY night out).
~$30 at Target. Needed freezer bags & really expensive sunscreen for my son's hypersensitive skin
~$49 at the Christmas Tree Shop. I got a table for one the the rooms I'm redecorating, but I did get it at a discount! It was the floor model (the only one left) and I asked if they could give me a discount, and I got $10 off.
~$11 at yard sales and a book sale. Got more things for redecorating and a book I've really wanted to read
~$63 on food shopping. $3 under budget!
~$$TOO MUCH$$ on coffee. I'm way too embarrassed to admit how much I really spent. Now I know my weakest area and will definitely work on it this week!

Total Spent: $233 (not including the $$ my MIL gave for dinner)

I'm pleased with everything I have done to save money, but I really need to work on my spending.

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