Thursday, July 30, 2009

Going organic

Can it be done on a budget? Of course it can!

After reading numerous articles about the health benefits of switching to organic foods, I've decided to make the switch for my family. I've raised my monthly food budget up to $100 a week, just to be on the safe side. I started my organic switch this week and noticed on some produce, the price difference was not that great. Organic apples were only .30 cents more a pound and broccoli only .10 cents.

Lately I've been having s few health problems, nothing major, just inconvenient. Today I found out I have gastritis likely caused by GERD. I'm hoping to improve my health with eating more (by more I mean some, because I don't eat any now) fresh organic and/or locally grow fruits and vegetables.

I also wonder what taking dyes, preservatives, and processed foods out of my children's diets will do. I've heard and read articles about how some children have sensitivities to those types of foods and how it can cause things like hyperactivity.

I will be making the change slowly. I'm not going to throw all the food I have in my cabinets away and I won't pass up a really good sale. Plus some organic foods (like a "breakfast pastry") just do not compare in taste to its processed counterpart (like a Poptart)

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