Thursday, January 7, 2010

Target Toy Clearance!

You may have heard that Target stores have marked down a bunch of toys to 50% off. I heard the rumors to and headed to my local Target this morning and found two isles worth of toys on clearance. Most of them were 50% off, I did find a few for 75% (nothing worth my wild) and still a few toys at 30% off. Toy clearances are a great way to stock up on toys for birthdays and the holidays. I always try to have a bin full of new toys, just in case we have a little friends birthday party to go to. Today, this is what I got:

***Musical Snow White Doll: originally $17.99, I paid $8.98

***Soft Dino Toy: originally $9.29, I paid $4.64

***Woof Street Boutique Plush Pug in Purse: originally $9.99, I paid $4.98

Total spent: $18.60
Total saved: $18.67

I would love to hit my other local Target, but have to work the next two days and won't have time to go until Saturday. I can't wait!

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