Friday, January 8, 2010

Week in reveiw

As part of my financial goal, I'm tracking where all my money goes. I broke everything down as to what my expenses are, for more on that you can read it here. Now that the week is over, its time to see how I did.
Needed Expenses(Bills): $1457.80 (rent was due on the 1st, that's why this is so high)
Car expenses: $63
Food: OOP $125.15, sales savings $48.59, coupon savings $2
Child Expenses: $18.60, savings $18.67
Target (household needs): $39.53 (OOP $21.14, gift card was used for $18.94) sale savings $5.72, coupon savings $9.50
Cigarettes, Coffee, Take out: $146.19. This one I need to explain a bit. This was the overall total, but $18.70 of this was paid for with a gift card I got for Christmas. My total OOP was $127.49. $25 was also spent on Nicorette, which I don't feel bad about, plus I got $10RR back. I did save $15 with coupons.
MISC: $10.49, had to pick up a Sunday paper and got a few activities for the kiddos at the craft store.

Total OOP spent: $1823.67
Total sale savings: $72.98
Total Gift Card savings: $37.64
Total Coupon savings: $26.50

I defiantly need to cut down on the cigs, coffee, and take out, that's for sure. I would also like to spend at least $45 less on food. Those will be my goals going into this next week.

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