Friday, January 29, 2010

Week in reveiw 1/22-1/28

Needed Expenses: $250
Car Expenses: $6o
Food: OOP $55.16, savings of $16.28
Child expenses: $9.56
Target (household needs): OOP $24.50, sale savings of $7.34, coupon savings of $6.89
Cigarettes, Coffee, Take-out: $67.97

Total OOP spent: $467.19
Total sale savings: $23.92
Total gift card savings: $0
Total coupon savings: $6.89

It has been almost two weeks since I had my last cigarette (YEAH!) and I'm finding that I'm not spending much money. My husband however is still smoking, and not bringing lunch with him to work. He does agree that too much money is being spent frivolous, but he has not yet taking the steps to cut back his spending. I know this will be a source of friction between us, but nearly $100 A WEEK of coffee & cigarettes is just ridicoulous! If we're going to spend money on things we don't need, it should be on something that won't slowly kill us or give us cancer.

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