Thursday, July 15, 2010

My photos

I’m crazy when it comes to my photos. They need to be kept in order by date, with the date the photo was taken written on the back of every photo, and they must be kept in a photo album. Not just any old album either. The binder part of the album must be bound (no ring binders here!) and it needs to be tall enough to hold three photos on either side. My albums must also have a small spot next to each photo to write a little sentence or two about the photo. So it looks like this:

Problem with this is these types of albums are impossible to find with any sort of detail to the cover. I had to put my creativity to the test and come up with something better. I ended up turning a boring, plan album like this

Into this

(I don't like to show pics of my kids. The longer white spot has my son's name spelled out w/ wooden letters)

And this

(just need to fix the beads)

Look for a blog post in the next week or two showing how I personalize my own photo albums!

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