Tuesday, August 31, 2010

100+ Ways to Save: Food

36) Buy fruits and veggies in season. That's typically when grocery stores have more local food, or better yet, you can go to your local farmers market.
37) Make your own bread. And pizza crust, crackers, and granola bars. The ingredients for these things can be rather cheap, but and can get pretty expensive to buy the pre-made stuff.
38) Learn how to make preserves, other wise know as “canning” That way if you hit a really good sale on peaches go on and stock up. Preserve what you don't eat to have during the winter months
39) Grow a garden. Or even a small indoor herb garden can save you big. No place to put a garden? Those  Topsy Turvy Tomato and Herb Planter work great.
40) Don't do take out! Seems like a no brainier, but if you're not prepared come dinner time calling for take out might be the easiest thing. Instead have easy to prepare foods on hand, even if it is just a box of Mac & Cheese.

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El Bilson said...

mmm love the smell of fresh baked bread! Good idea!