Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Caramel Apples

What you'll need:
~11oz Chewy caramels
~A few splashes of milk
~5 or 6 apples, make sure the skins aren't wax covered
~Candies, sprinkles, colored sugar, ect. to decorate

~A pot and metal bowl
~Craft or lollipop sticks
~Plate or cookie sheet covered w/ tin foil and sprayed with cooking spray

Time to make yummy caramel apples:
1) After you remove the wrappers from all those little caramel candies add them to a metal bowl.
2) Take lollipop or craft sticks and stick in the top of every apple. Leave apples in the fridge until ready to dip.
3) Add a little milk, about 1 Tbs. to caramels before you start the melting process. I found it easier to use a double boiler method to melt the caramels. I had it on medium heat until most of the caramels melted (this took about 5-10 mins) then I lowered the heat to the lowest setting. This way the caramel stayed smooth and creamy without burning

4)Make sure to stir caramel frequently threw out the entire process. If caramel is getting to thick, add another splash of milk.
5) Once the caramel is smooth and creamy start dipping your apples. Make sure to have the plate or cookie sheet nearby to put your caramel apples on!
6) Immediately after apples are covered, sprinkle with desired topping. Once complete, put caramel apples in the fridge to set. Enjoy!


Mommying On The Fly said...

It IS about that time of year isn't it?? lol.. they look sooo yummy too.. we plan to go apple picking this weekend.. this was perfect timing on that recipe.. Thanks for sharing..

Born 2 Be Mom said...

I bought everything I needed to make these last year, and then never got around to it! I think this is the year :) Yummy!

Born 2 Be Mom said...

Wanted to let you know that I mentioned this entry of yours on my blog :) Check it out here --> Fallin' Behind Have a great day!