Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 in 2012

Every New Year, I've set a goal to purge all the unwanted, unused items in my home. After a few months I loose steam and never purge as much as I want to. This year I'll be doing the 2012 in 2012! I'm committing to purging 2,012 items from my home this year. I have a few rules that I'll be following.

Rule #1: Food doesn't count. I'm not going to track every time I use a jar of peanut butter!
Rule #2: I'll add items if I buy something new! The point is to purge. I feel like it would be counter productive if I get rid of five pairs of pants I don't wear, but then go out and buy eight new shirts! So if my total was five (because of the pants) then I add eight (because of the shirts) my total would be -3.
Rule #3: Goes along with rule #2. Follow one in one out. If a new magazine comes in the mail, I must purged an old magazine.
Rule #4: I won't count a single piece of paper or single photo. I'll count a whole magazine as one item, but I'll have to purge a stack of papers the size of a magazine to count as one item.
Rule #5: It has to leave the house to count! I sell many of my children's outgrown clothes at a semi annual consignment sale, so I'm constantly putting things away in the closet to sell. I won't count any of those items until they have left my home never to return!

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